All Food, Drink, General Store, Membership and Day Passes Have Moved to Online Ordering & Payment @

Welcome to!

We have completed the rollout of our new ordering and payment system.  Access is online and there is no download required.    Simply open your preferred browser, go to and begin ordering.  A quick account setup is required during your first visit. 

You have the option to dine-in at the Lodge Cafe', Patio or Bar, poolside delivery for Saturday lunch as well as the option to "Order to Go", with pickup at the Cafe'.   In addition to meals, you can also purchase items from our General Store, Day Passes and you can purchase or renew your Membership as well.  The full bar menu is also available beginning at 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  Why wait for a drink when you can order it wherever you are and pick it up at the bar?   

For additional assistance, reach out to any Vitambi team member or you can view our User's Guide here: