All Food & Drink has Moved to Online Ordering & Payments

Food and Drink ordering now takes place on the new Vitambi Phone App. No need to download the app, just sign onto our Guest WiFi once you're on the property and you'll be connected to the App. All information is held on an internal server and only viewable while on the property. When you're here, sign on anytime to


You will have 2 options available to your for payment. Both are run through an encrypted service offered by Square (credit card processing).

          1) Enter your card information with each purchase

          2) Vitambi Cruise Card allows you to enter information once, have it held on file on Square's servers. It also alows you to move to texting for Drink orders.

In both cases, you'll receive an email confirmation for each purchase and have an option to remove your information at the end of your stay.

You can find more specific information and questions answered on the Vitambi Phone App once you arrive on property.