Vitambi Springs Park Map

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The property is huge, there's not doubt about that, but the populated areas are manageable to explore by foot or bicycle. Think of the camp as being divided into four loops.

The North Loop (Lake District) will take you clockwise from the Main Entrance to Ft. Orion then to The Big Oak Lodge, where you'll find Registrations Services, BONGO Bar and BOLO Cafe. On around the same loop you'll come back to Vitambi Lake, where you'll find the Dock with Lakeside Shower Pavilion. From there, you can see the Wood Stork House and Blue Heron House, two home rental options on the lake as well as RV sites. Continue around the North loop and you'll come upon the Pine Tree Inn where the North loop started at the Main Entrance. Back at the Grand Central Intersection, just below the Big Oak Lodge, you'll see directional signposts and our games area, from there you can head down to the lower loops.

The Middle Loop (Garden Quarter & Explorer's Park) takes you into the heart of the Garden Quarter where you'll find the pool and it's surrounding sports and entertainment areas. The area also includes the Myst Room, Shower house and a few scattered cabins throughout the woods. You find a compass rose at the fountain near the pool to help you get your bearings.  Head West to continue the loop past Robur Woods and then down to quiet Turtle Pond. On your way back up you'll notice a bridge that takes you to Gnome's Hollow Amphitheater and you'll find yourself back at the Myst Room/Showerhouse area, where you can take the East Loop.

The East Loop takes you to Bacalou Cove, our Pirate camp under construction and up to Tamaho Mesa, our Cowboy themed camp. Continuing up the East loop will connect you to the Olympus Gym, Oberon Field and Pump House at the back of the Lodge.

It's the South Loop (Explorer's Park & Everglade Safari) that provides a great hike in a wilderness setting.  It starts just below Turtle pond and continues down to the Southern edge of the property line.

Get out there and go explore!