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Every flavor tells a story

Bolo Café specializes in delicious food featuring fresh ingredients and thoughtful preparation by the Bolo Café culinary team. Whether you’re ordering a multi-course meal, our specialty Big Buck Smashburger or just grabbing a drink and wings at the bar, Bolo Café’s lively, casual atmosphere makes it perfect for dining with your family of friends.


Treat yourself to one of our homemade desserts; we serve up a taste of simpler times bringing you the sweetness you deserve.

Link below for menu, ordering and additional Cafe information.

caesar salad
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Bongo Bar

Great vibe. Great staff. Great accommodations. Great fun. Great food and drinks. AND Great memories.

Randy C.

Great campground!! Staff and guests were friendly and accommodating. Activities were well planned, and the food was surprisingly good for a campground.

Ric A.

Vitambi is a relaxed, beautiful property with nature at its best.  The resort has many social activities to accommodate everyone. The food was fresh, good quality and tasty!

Stephen C.

Staff are awesome. They make the place fun and safe. Really liked the contact free system for food, beverages, and lodging. All you need is your phone.

Sonny S.

The staff provide such great service and are so nice! The restaurant serves a good menu with alternatives and a rotating menu.

Matthew P.

It’s a great place to go and relax, unwind, and have lots of fun. The food is always GREAT!! The staff treats you like family and not just a guest!! Mother Nature at her best!!

Gary L.

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We work hard to personally answer every call, it is just not always possible. We are easy to reach by text at our same number 863-983-8488 and we listen to voicemails regularly. Please use the email contact for non-urgent issues. We get back to as quickly as possible but do realize we're not able to make reservations through email.


Vitambi Springs Resort and Camp, 28280 Etumakee Way, Clewiston, FL