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Order Food & Drinks

Table Ordering

Scan the QR code at your table and we will bring your food right to you.

To place an order to be picked up at the lodge, click the green button below then please proceed to the service station in the Bolo Cafe.

Place a pool delivery order and we will bring your order right to you. 

Sit at the bar and have your food delivered to you. 

View full menu outside of business hours

Having Trouble Ordering?

  • Connect to WiFi: Please make sure you are connected to our WIFI network: Vitambi Guest
  • Turn on WiFi Calling: Our ordering system requires the use of a two-setup authentication code that is sent via text message. To ensure you receive this text message please be sure to turn on WiFi Calling. Learn more about turning on Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone or Android phone. 
  • Set-Up an Account: Be sure to setup a Square account to save your payment information and streamline your ordering experience.