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Membership Details:

01. Read the Member Contract below
02. Upon your arrival you will be asked to sign the contract and provide your Diver's License or State ID
03. Membership fees are $30 per year

Membership is non-transferable, non-refundable and revocable at any time by Vitambi Springs. The use of the facilities at Vitambi Springs is subject to the Rules and Regulations.  As they may change, latest versions can be found at or at the front desk. Your acceptance of this membership agreement acknowledges the waiver and release of liability from any and all claims or causes of action arising out of Vitambi Springs’ negligence for personal injury or theft or damage of property.

You further agree:

Member understands that executing this Waiver of Rights/Assumption of Risk is voluntary, but required in order to use the facilities at Vitambi Springs. In order to use the facilities, Member hereby releases Bazu, LLC d/b/a Vitambi Springs, it’s owners, members, management and staff from any and all causes of action now known or incurred in the future while Member uses any facilities or activities at Vitambi Springs. Facilities and/or activities, includes, but is not limited to the following: use of any guest lodging areas; all camping sites; all RV sites; lakes; pools; trails; lodge; restaurants; bars; any alcoholic beverages brought on or consumed by the Member at Vitambi Springs; use of gym and equipment; walking paths with or without wood supports; roads; stairs; sanitary facilities (bathrooms, saunas, showers, steam rooms); consumption of food whether purchased or not at Vitambi Springs or prepared by staff of Vitambi Springs.

I assume sole responsibility for my safety and property while I am at Vitambi Springs. I acknowledge by signing this waiver that I am entering a campground with limited improvements and I am here for the express purpose of enjoying the outdoor environment. I understand that the paths and roadways are unpaved or wooden, that there are animals on the property, that the swimming pool used at my own risk and unattended by a lifeguard or other personnel and there are no security guards on the property. Any of the above and other conditions on the property may pose a risk of injury, including serious physical injury, economic losses, permanent disability or death.

I acknowledge by signing this waiver and release that I am waiving my rights to hold the owners, Members and/or employees of Bazu, LLC dba Vitambi Springs liable for any of these injuries that I may sustain either as the result of my own action or omission or by engaging in any sport or activity either alone or with other persons who may be at the resort. I waive any claim at law or equity which might arise and I bind my/or heirs, executors or administrators to this agreement. I further agree to save harmless and to reimburse the owners of Bazu, LLC dba Vitambi Springs for any award or verdict for damages, as well as counsel fees it incurs, in connection with any suit or judgment which may result from said suit caused by my own actions or omissions. I will not participate in any illegal activity.

I understand that this is the entire agreement between me and Bazu, LLC dba Vitambi Springs, to the exclusion of all previous agreements and representations, written or oral, and I acknowledge that no change in this agreement will be effective unless in writing signed by both parties. I agree that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, and any disputes hereunder shall be resolved exclusively in either the State/Federal Courts of Hendry County, Florida or Broward County, Florida at the option of Bazu, LLC dba Vitambi Springs.

I fully understand the danger involved with any activities and/or use of the facilities at Vitambi Springs. I fully assume the risks involved of my own free will and I agree to use my best judgment in undertaking these activities and follow all safety instructions.

I waive and release Bazu, LLC dba Vitambi Springs, its owners, Members and/or employees from any claim for personal injury, property damage, or death that may arise from my use of the facilities or from my participation any activities at Vitambi Springs.

Email or text of Driver’s License to 863-983-8488 is required prior to your first visit and constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions.