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ATTENTION: Vitambi Springs is OPEN but REQUIRES guest participation. 

Fully Read Guidelines Below

  • We can only allow guests that understand the seriousness of COVID AND show respect for guests and staff
  • The resort is not a party nor a playground - if that's what you're looking for, please make alternate plans
  • YOU must be willing to do more for the good of the community - clean after yourself - stay home if you're sick (no matter how 'mild')
  • WE DO OFFER - food, drinks, clean facilities, cool pool, unspoiled nature, a gathering place for your close friends and a socially distanced view of others. 
  • We miss the 'good 'ol days' like everyone. We can be a place for relaxation, fun and a sanctuary away from the madness - but only with your help
    • Areas will have a maximum occupancy limit - the pool, the cafe, the bar, the lounge, the patio
    • Bring your own bedding (linens, pillows, blankets) & towels
    • Please take your garbage home with you or to our dumpster near the lodge
    • Make an effort to use the same seating throughout your stay - particularly your pool chair - items disinfected after the weekend
    • A complete list of safety guidelines will be provided by email along with the reservation confirmation
    • All payments are to be made over the phone, online ordering or dropped in the cash box outside lobby door
    • Food & Drink service is available through online purchase for grab-n-go carryout or through delivery to select locations
    • Guests will pay for reservations prior to or upon arrival by phone and find their key waiting for them in their accommodation
    • Understandably, everyone is concerned with staying healthy. Serious consideration on your part helps everyone feel more at ease

Vitambi Springs is working hard to address the needs of our guests. Our goal is to create as safe a place as possible for all guests to enjoy their stay