Join us in the BONGO Bar beginning early Friday evening for tropical drinks, games & entertainment and a relaxed environment to meet your friends and make new ones.

The cool exotic charm at BONGO will help to ease your transition into the relaxed pace that is at the heart of Vitambi Springs.

Food & Drink

Guests at Vitambi Springs have varied food and drink options.

The BOLO Café serves regularly scheduled meals beginning with Friday Lunch thru Sunday Lunch, with many additional special event and holiday meals. Lunch and drinks are often served poolside, weather permitting.

Big Oak Lodge Area

The Lodge is the hub of community activity. Food, Drink and fun are found in and around the lodge all day and well into the night. Meet your friends to share a cocktail by the fireplace before dinner or retire onto the patio of the Bongo Bar for a nightcap. Join the march to the bonfire on Saturday night and take a turn beating the drums. Behind the Lodge you'll find the Pump House, a great escape on a balmy night for a social space with screened windows and high powered fans. If you must get some work done or update your social network status, the Lodge is a WiFi hotspot.