Membership & Day Pass Payment Portal

We've made major changes to the entire payment process experience and made it easier to access what you want.


New Members - Be sure to text a picture of the front of your driver's license to the main number      863-983-8488.  This eliminates the need to complete a Membership Form and signifies acceptance of our membership terms and conditions

Then go to:

Set up your personal profile (in the upper right hand corner "sign in",  the "create account")

Membership Renewal and Day Passes are now streamlined through as well. 

Please let us know your experience.  In these fast changing time, we still want to provide a high level of service to you and at the same time, make it as fast, efficient and safe as possible. 


Membership Contract

Membership requires: 1. Read the Member Contract below 2. Indicate you agree to our contract, by texting a clear picture of your Driver's License or State ID to 863-983-8488 3. Include your email address in text for confirmation and lastly 4. Vist our Payment Portal for payment.