Thank you to all the guests who share videos and photos at the end of your stay.  We put a few together in videos - Enjoy!

Themed Weekends

Vitambi Springs hosts many different themed weekends throughout the year - If you're a fan of Cowboys, Leather or Bears - oh my! or Naturists, Sports or Mud, we've got your fun. We are very proud to hosts several weekends throughout the year aimed at personal development, learning and growth. We are also very proud to expand our reach within the LGBT community and offer weekends where all are welcome and two weekends a year geared specifically towards Women. Make plans to join us on the weekend where. . . you'll find your fun.

Fun & Games

Here at Vitambi Springs, we like to have fun.  Wheather it's a themed weekend activity, sports, games, or learning and personal development.   

Sports link photo

Learning photo

Themed Weekend

Plain ol' Fun photo link


There is so much to show off here. Beauty, great people and good times. Thank you to everyone who submits photos from their visit.